Fake Email Protects Your Online Privacy

What is a fake email address?

Also referred to as temporary email or disposable email, a fake email address is an email address that doesn’t identify you in any way. As the name implies, it’s fake. It can’t be traced back to you and it doesn’t have any of your personal information attached to it. You can use a fake email address just like you use your personal email, but with the added benefits of security and anonymity.

Unlike your personal email, a fake email address allows you to stay completely anonymous whenever you use it to sign up for a newsletter, write a product review, register for a service, or send an anonymous email.

With a fake email address, you can decide who gets your personal information and who doesn’t. Reserve your personal address for correspondences between people you know and to sign up for services and companies you are familiar with and are comfortable corresponding with. Use a fake email address whenever you’re communicating with people you don’t know or when you’re signing up for temporary things like a service trial or newsletter and you don’t want the recipient to have access to your personal information and data.

A fake email address protects your privacy

Fake email does more than just keep spam out of your personal email inbox. It’s disposable, which means it self-destructs after a certain time limit. This is especially important if you’re sending or receiving emails that have sensitive information that you don’t want to get into the wrong hands. It also keeps your inbox clear of spam emails and prevents hackers from accessing your secure and private information.

fake email address protects privacy

Your personal email address is essentially your online identity. Companies use it to track your shopping habits both online and offline when you add your email address to your mobile phone. Just from your email, marketers and businesses can know your daily routine, including where you work, shop, or go to school. With a fake email address, you can keep your shopping and daily habits private and ensure that your information stays with you instead of being broadcast to other companies or being targeted by hackers.

Marketers especially love to get your email address because it comes with so much information about you. With just your personal email address, marketers can learn who you are, where you work, whether you have kids, where you shop, and more. Imagine getting all that personal information just from an email address!

Keep your information secure with a fake email address that doesn’t give marketers any information that you don’t want them to have. This protects you and your family, giving you back some privacy and making sure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Why use Fakemail.net instead of a regular email site

Sure, you can create email addresses using a traditional site like Google or Yahoo that you only use for things like email newsletter signups. But these companies still track your data. So, even though your personal inbox might be free of spam, marketers are still able to get all of your information, especially if you use the same service for your new account as you use for your personal account.

These large email companies are also prone to hackers who have figured out how to tap into their network. On top of that, the emails you send and receive are permanent, even if you delete them. With fakemail.net, your email address automatically self-destructs within a set amount of time, leaving you without a trace of your correspondences.

How Fakemail.net works

It’s really easy to get started with fakemail.net. We’ll give you a unique temporary email address that automatically gets deleted within one hour. You can decide to use it for longer than an hour if you want. Your fake email address can stay active for up to two weeks. This can come in handy if, for instance, you’re signing up for a service and want to see how the service works or expect to get correspondence from the company over the course of a few days or longer.

fake email instead of a regular email account

If you only need an email address for an hour to sign up for something, write an online review anonymously, or to send an anonymous correspondence, then there’s nothing more that you need to do once you get your free email address. It will automatically self-destruct in one hour.

Now that you have your temporary email, you can access it from any laptop or mobile device that has internet access. Use your fakemail.net email instead of your personal or primary email.

Advantages of using a Fakemail.net email address

Once you start using our services, we think that you’re going to love using fakemail.net email addresses. Here’s why.

You’ll stop getting spam in your personal inbox

Spam isn’t just annoying. It can be downright dangerous when it comes from hackers who use it to access your private, secure information. Even though it’s gotten easier for people to detect spam emails and differentiate them from legitimate emails, it’s still pretty common for ordinary people to have their emails hacked and to accidentally download viruses from a spam email. In fact, the use of spam has been on the rise over the last few years and it’s still effective.

See, just like email users have gotten more tech-savvy in detecting and filtering spam, the criminals who create spam emails have grown more sophisticated in their methods. That means you’re still vulnerable to getting spam, especially when you give your email address out to a company that’s unfamiliar to you or that might not be legitimate. While major email companies have adopted a filtering system to detect spam and move it to a separate folder, the system is imperfect and plenty of spam emails still get through to your inbox.

Fakemail.net is free and easy to use

We designed Fakemail.net to be incredibly easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to set up a secure disposable email address. All you need is a minute and access to the internet. Once your email address has been created, you can access it from anywhere, whether that’s your personal laptop or phone or a public device.

fake mail is free and easy to use

On top of being simple to use, Fakemail.net is completely free. Use it once to sign up for a service or use it all the time to create email addresses that can’t be tracked to you. No matter how many email addresses you sign up for, you’ll never pay a dime for our disposable email services.

You can use Fakemail.net to stay completely anonymous

Your personal email is great for correspondences between friends and family, but when it comes to signing up for services or email lists, anonymity can be a valuable thing. A personal email address is the same as gold to marketers because it gives them so much of your personal identifiable information (PII). Don’t let them track you or access your personal data, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the product, service, or brand that you’re signing up with. Use a fake email address to stay completely anonymous and protect all of your private information.

Stay safe from hacking threats

The real threat for hackers comes from being added onto email lists. Hackers are interested in getting access to email lists from big companies and stores because they have thousands upon thousands of email addresses, all with valuable personal information attached. The more lists you’re on, the more likely you are to get hacked.

Using fake email addresses keeps your personal email off lists, making it next to impossible for hackers to gain access to your personal email accounts.

Your information won’t get sold for profit

On top of being a huge siren call for hackers, marketing email lists are notorious for getting bought and sold. So, even if you give a legitimate company your personal email address, you don’t have any control over who they end up selling your information to.

Because your Fakemail.net temporary email address automatically gets deleted, you don’t have to worry about your information getting sold to the highest bidder. And even if the email address does get sold, your personal information isn’t attached so the next marketer, company, or hacker can’t reach you.

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